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Quick Tips on How Domain Names Work

Usually a common mistake newbie’s in the website industry do is to look for a web hosting service first then often consider the domain names last. Always remember this, even though you have the best hosting service but you do not have your domain the hosting service is nothing actually. The domain name is indeed one of the most important factors of your whole website. Even having the nicest design could be pointless if you do not have the proper domain name.Let’s think of this scenario. You are in a big business deal but you forgot your calling cards, how would you be able to give your prospects your details? In this case, your domain name is like your website’s calling card. These domain names are the first thing people see when they visit your website. Many people decide to visit your website based on your web address.Once you’re going to purchase website hosting, a domain name will be needed. This is where the domain is linked to the hosting package. Most hosting companies offer some discounts on the domain once it is bought with the hosting package, some might even give you’re the domain for free if you buy the hosting companies’ biggest or most expensive package. You should consult your hosting company about this.One of the reasons why it may be difficult to find a good domain name is because it might have already been taken or it has been reserved. One choice you can try is to search for the domain name you like but this time with a different extension. There are a lot of domain extensions like .net, .org, .us, .ca, .co .uk. All countries have special domain extensions also like for example, Australia has .au while Singapore has .sg. You could also try shortening or lengthening your domain name. If your business name is Stephen’s Barbaque House you could try going for instead of, the bottom line is, the longer the domain the higher the possibility it might be available but remember, a long domain can be easily forgotten be a target customer.The main tip you should remember is keeping your domain name simple, easy to remember but catchy is the way to go. Think about your business name and what you sell or offer to others. Chances are if your company name is unique like Hayley’s Handmade Handbags is that, that domain name is still available. But remember the tip I gave you, keep your domain name simple, easy to recall yet catchy.