Some Important Facts About Hard Gels Nail

Even the most conservative customers can’t help but be fascinated by upgrades as long as Gel Nails Salon continues to be fashionable. Unfortunately, many first-time nail clients group them all into one intimidating category. This tendency can be accompanied by fears of odors, nail damage, and other possibly unfounded anxieties.

But just like other professional products, hard gel nail services have many appealing properties that clients should be raving about when used appropriately. Here, specialists review the fundamentals and advantages of hard gel and offer practical application and removal advice. Your clients will also say “hi” to hard gel after a suitable introduction!

Each layer of hard gel is cured under a UV or LED light before being applied to the nail straight from the pot (no mixing ratio is necessary). The hard gel can only be removed by filing because the curing process, known as polymerization, produces a robust and compact polymer that solvents cannot penetrate. Compared to hard gel, acrylic is less dense and porous, allowing solvents to infiltrate the surface and degrade the product before removal.

Overfilling or yanking off gels can seriously harm the nail plate and result in a customer being lost for ever. Start with a rough file and gradually smooth it as you get closer to the natural nail. Switch to a manual file as you approach the nail plate while using an e-file.

When transitioning from enhancements, experts advise leaving a very thin layer of product on the nail since it gives the nail a little extra protection and prevents over-filing. Additionally, the natural nail will cover up any remaining gel as it grows. For optimum gel control, most experts also recommend using a premium synthetic or natural-hair brush with a smaller, more challenging brush head to apply hard gel.

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